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Makeup . Hair Workshop


Personal Make Up Course

- Fee: $1000

- Time: 2.5 hours (Appointment is needed)

After the course, you will have the basic skills to present yourself for different occasion from a smart faced makeup to a stunning look for an event or cocktail.


Brida Makup plus Hairstyling Course

- Fee: $10000

- Time: 18 hours (Appointment is needed)

Makeup-Daily makup, evening makeup, japeness style makeup, big dolly eyes, smoky eyes, how to use double eyes tape, quick change makeup,

Hair-Nine popular hair styles in the wedding industry will be taught. Also, you will also learn how to secure a Tiara for brides, and learing how to use the taiwan and japen style fake hair.


Airbrush Makeup Class – (For Foundation)

-Fee: $1000

-Time: 1 hour

After this course, you will know the knowledge of using airbrush, maintenance and cleaning of the compressor and airbrush, also how to create long lasting flawless skin by using airbrush.


Airbrush Makeup Class – (For Tattoo Covering)

-Fee: $2000

-Time: 3 hours

This course begins with the basics as we mentioned above, in addition, you will know how to cover up the tattoo in proper way by using airbrush.



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